A new beginning...

2017 was one heck of a year for a lot of people, myself included.  I wouldn't say the year was bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the year definitely had some challenges.  In mid-2016, I became the father of a bundle of energy and curiosity I get to call "Son."

The transition to fatherhood has been, without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of my life.  Not because being a parent is an inconvenience, but because being a parent requires an incredibly large part of you.  Before becoming a father, I had always segmented my life into the different things I chose to spend my time on.  I was a professional during the day, a comedian at night, a husband during my time at home, and whatever I felt like being during my snippets of free time.

Becoming a father required a segment of my life that I hadn't allocated for, and because I hadn't already designated a "Dad" segment, I had to integrate being a dad into the other facets of my life.  I wasn't challenged because being a father demanded a portion of me I wasn't prepared for, I was challenged because, for the first time in my life, I had become something that demanded the commitment of all of me.

This threw me for a loop, to say the very least.


I spent a lot of time thinking about the things that I wanted to instill in my son, and then I determined what I needed to change a lot about my life if I was going to lead by example.  The first piece that I decided to change was following your passions.  For years, I had all but given up on my dreams of becoming a comic or acting professionally.  I had relegated this endeavors to my small amounts of free time where I would typically be "too exhausted" to pursue them anyway.

This year, that changes.  I've begun to write comedy again, and I've submitted my vocal reel to several producers.  This year will start off with the release of my first ever audiobook and hopefully, I'll be taking the stage before long.

Telling your kids to follow their dreams when you've forgotten your own rings hollow.  Remember to take the time to develop yourself, because the best thing you can do for your children is to be a parent they are proud of.